"Painting is a joy for me...but it is also a challenge."

Robin Benton Crutcher, PhD., is a practicing psychotherapist with 35 years of professional experience. After receiving a fine arts degree from LSU, she studied ceramics, painting & sculpture at The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts.   She is an avid art collector, especially of local artists' work.



 "I try not to think much when I work, especially in the beginning.  Most of the time I paint completely non-objectively, but for the random class assignment. I enjoy the process of mark-making, color blocking, texturizing and responding to those elements as I manipulate the surface I am working on."





"When I paint, the challenge for me is finding a way to suspend my formal knowledge of painting, take it from my head and maybe allow it to retreat back to my bones while I clear my mind.  This allows me the freedom to respond to my painting in the most spontaneous way. The result is an aesthetically sound painting that is uniquely personal and interesting."


Degas Gallery

604 Julia Street 

Robin Crutcher Art

Located at Katie Koch Home

3905 Magazine Street 

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